The Spaniards brought to life modified Dacia Dokker under the name Dacia Dokker Camperiz. The van, modified by the Spaniards from Camperiz, contains a bed with a foam mattress and a large piece of furniture with several removable drawers.

The set on the left is the kitchen module, which contains a cold water tap, connected to two 10-litre tanks. The car also provides a refrigerator with a capacity of 30 litres and even a toilet, next to the central drawer! The toilet is provided with an anti-odour liquid but must be emptied only in specially designed places. There are many USB sockets in the car, useful for charging mobile devices.

The price of the Dacia Dokker Camper prepared for camping is 18,990 euros, thus being a much cheaper alternative for Volkswagen California, the German caravan built for travel purposes. The price of the Volkswagen Caddy model rises to 41,800 euros.

The Dacia Dokker Camperiz is the most accessible camper van on the market and one of its greatest advantages is that it is classified as a passenger car . This camper with capacity for five people adapts to everything and optimizes its space to the maximum, offering great comfort.


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