The Jeep Renegade, a compact SUV known for its off-road capabilities, entered the Brazilian market in 2015. Comfortable and technologically advanced, the Jeep Renegade has sold over 400,000 units in Brazil since its debut.

The Jeep Renegade has played a pivotal role in the brand's Brazilian heritage. The Renegade compact SUV came to this country and completely revolutionized the industry. With increasing levels of success with each new generation, the Renegade is a genuine Jeep in every sense of the word. It embodies and delivers on all of Jeep's core values—including adventure, independence, authenticity, and passion—to the Brazilian people.

When competing against other brands that offer broadly comparable services, Jeep Renegade has consistently astonished and delighted with ground-breaking features and content. It's not just a sport utility vehicle; it's a Jeep!

Over the years of sales in Brazil, the Jeep Renegade has won a slew of trophies and accolades. A new generation of the Jeep Renegade was released this year, giving the vehicle a sleeker exterior design, more cutting-edge features, and increased safety and performance thanks to the new T270 engine, which produces up to 185 horsepower. All without sacrificing Jeeps' legendary off-road prowess, a feature exclusive to 4x4 models.

It's a fantastic milestone to sell 400,000 SUVs. The Jeep Renegade's technological wizardry, off-road prowess, and genuine Jeep spirit have been fan favorites since the vehicle first went on sale. Year after year, the model has topped sales charts in Brazil thanks to its outstanding commercial performance.

There are still several important goals that must be accomplished with Jeep Renegade. In February of this year, a new Jeep Renegade model version was released, and it had improved functionality and cutting-edge features. Thanks to this and the hard work of our dealer network, I am confident in its continued success over the next few years.

Many countries in Latin America continue to import the model produced at the Goiana Automotive Complex (PE), including Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Paraguay.


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