Following an improvement from last year's selection, Toyota is placed second in AutoIndex 2021, where more than 11,000 Norwegian car buyers have given their opinion. The winner is Toyota's sister brand Lexus, which tops AutoIndex for the tenth year in a row.

This is fantastic feedback from Toyota's customers. It confirms the results of customer surveys and shows the results from the work we put in every single day to give customers the best customer experience. This inspires Toyota to become even better and follow our sister brand Lexus, which is truly the leading star for the car industry.

AutoIndex assesses the entire customer experience car buyers have with a car and a car brand. This means that the award is considered to be one of the industry's most prestigious. The selection is performed annually by Loyalty Group International and the following are assessed: The car and the driving experience (counts 40 per cent), the dealer and the experience around the purchase (20 per cent), service in the workshop (20 per cent) and loyalty to the brand (20 per cent).

Toyota gets 894 points on the total score in this year's survey. The average for all brands is 854 points. Toyota also gets a point improvement of 0.8 per cent compared to last year, which is the third-best progress of all brands.

Norwegian car buyers are different and have different needs. Behaviour and expectations are also constantly changing, and we are constantly working to adapt, not least as a result of the pandemic. The high customer satisfaction shows that our broad portfolio of reliable models with low emissions and consumption, as well as the experience our customers get in the meeting with our fantastic employees, strikes a chord with car buyers, says Olsen.

Toyota also has good speed during the day when it comes to sales figures. Statistics from the Road Traffic Information Council (OFV) show that Toyota is the country's most popular car brand so far this year with 5,834 cars sold, which corresponds to a market share of 11.8%.

Top list for AutoIndex 2021:

Lexus: 932 points
Toyota: 894 points
BMW: 888 points.

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