There are so various aspects to remember when preparing for your big wedding day. Table linen might not seem like an essential item on your list, but these things are party essentials as they can bring a lot of colour and character to your wedding. Depending on your decorating style, you'll have a variety of options when choosing table linens for your wedding or any other festive event.

Here's a fast guide to assist you to select the most proper tablecloths for your big wedding day.

Set the theme

Before choosing table linens, you need to determine both the theme of the wedding and how many tables you will have, as well as their size and shape. A wedding tablecloth comes in many shapes and sizes, so it's best to make a complete list of each table you'll have. You can do this by settling your guest list, finding out what table dimensions will work best in your party room, and then choosing the precise number of tables to seat all your wedding guests. Don't forget to include a cake table and any other food stations.

Choose your colours

Wedding tablecloths are made in almost every colour you can imagine, regardless of size and shape. Decide how you want to decorate your tables and chairs before you complete any order for linen in the colour you want. Depending on the season you're having your wedding in, you may want to match certain colours for a more glamorous touch.

For example, in the spring, you may have large ivory tablecloths with peach table napkins and chair linens in shades of blue. There is a lot of techniques in which you can use your tablecloths to represent your wedding colour scheme.

Finalize your decor

Don't forget to consider the rest of your wedding decorations when selecting your desired tablecloths. For example, you might want to pick plain white table linens if you're designing a radiant centrepiece or utilising multicoloured vases. If you prefer a simpler centrepiece, our recommendation is to order brighter table linens to offset the centrepiece. These two opposites will contrast beautifully.

Find the right place to order wedding tablecloths

For such lavish events, tablecloths need to be just right. There aren't that many reliable sites on this profile, but we want to lend a hand, to take away a pressing worry: wedding tablecloths can be found easily online.

Now that we've given you the last tip, you can still plan your big event in style. Of course, we're also addressing homeowners who want to set up a ballroom or have an event hall interior design project, who can keep these tips in mind at all times. The materials used to make these tablecloths are of high quality (cotton, damask, satin). @via Velvet cushion.


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