Every day, the world around us transforms. Many commodities are up in the air, and we have no idea when they will settle down. To state the prominent, many individuals are suffering anxiety due to this. Cortisol levels are likely to be elevated all day because of the uncertainty. This might lead to tiredness and muscular rigidity. Even if you have been tired all day, you can not sleep when your head strikes the pillow.

Take a few breaths and notice any feelings in your body, even if it is difficult to do so right now. For example, headaches, stomach pain, and difficulty breathing are signs that your muscles are so tight that it is difficult to relax. Just keep it in mind. When you are sensing anxiety, you may notice a difference in your body temperature, your jaw may clench, or your hands may tense. In other words, accepting our fears and anxieties does not imply they will take control of us; instead, it means we may take control of our responses instead of being controlled by them.

When our anxiety levels rise, we feel these bodily sensations and may even have an anxiety attack. Being conscious and acknowledging that this is anxiety helps us take a deep breath and break the cycle of anxiety. Please find a way to relax, whether it is by looking at a picture, having your pet with you, being in your room, or listening to music. Take long, deep breaths while closing your eyes to help you stay focused when you sense these physical bodily feelings coming on. You may also give yourself an encouraging word. We feel more in control when we can respond to worry differently for the first time. This also eliminates the need for a prolonged recuperation period, which consumes our time and energy. When we can remain calmer, our brains are not continually in a fight-flight-freeze state.

We may start to consider how to respond to anxiety by acknowledging and accepting it; not reacting and being aware of those bodily feelings means we can begin to relax our bodies and breathe. It will seem weird not to give in to anxiousness and let it lead you down that draining path if you are anything like me. To improve, you must be ready to try new things and accept that your first attempts may not be ideal. Remain steadfast and never give up hope.

"We can not be on fire at all times." The online yoga instructor said to my daughter and me while we were doing Yoga together. Many of us sense like we are on fire right now, with our bodies and minds overdrive. We do not know what fate holds, but it is vital to take a vacation from the tension and recharge your body and mind. Relax and take a deep breath.


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