1. Linux is an OS (operating system)

Linux is not an OS, but a kernel, meaning an intermediate software between your applications and hardware. The better the kernel, the better the system responds, and the better the error management. A complete operating system is called a Linux distribution (Linux distro). Among the Linux distributions, which are quite numerous, we mention Fedora, Ubuntu, Gentoo and OpenSuse.

2. Linux is black and white, without graphics

This prejudice was true about 10-15 years ago, but today, Linux is also available as a desktop OS, with quite a few different themes. It has several Gnome GUIs (graphical interfaces), with KDE being the most popular. The design of these graphical interfaces and the ease of use will make you wonder if it's time to change your operating system or not.

3. Linux is weird

In fact, it was used by weird people, because the power of Linux is only understood if you do wicked things with it. Today, Linux distributions target all computer users, whether they use them at work, school or at home.

4. Installing software on Linux is like digging a well

This is still true for some Linux distributions. But for most software is just: Click, Next, Next, Install. Many software packages that manage packages are available in various distributions known to Linux, which makes it extremely easy to search and install the software. For example, rpm and deb packages.

5. None of your friends uses Linux

Let's be serious! The database of Linux users is growing, thanks to successful Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Fedora or OpenSuse. For example, Ubuntu has around 8 million users.

6. No new system comes with a pre-installed Linux distribution

Dell computers ships with Linux preinstalled. Also, several netbook retailers use Linux distributions optimized for different types of netbooks.

7. I can't work with Linux

Linux distributions offer packages in which you have specific office software, graphics, multimedia, internet, IM and many other applications to do your job. OpenOffice, GIMP, Totem Player, FireFox, Pidgin are just some of the packages you can use with Ubuntu Linux.

8. I want to try Linux but I don't know-how

Trying Linux is easier than ever. Many Linux distributions now use Live CDs, which you just insert into your computer and then boot into a Linux desktop. You can use it without having to install it. Linux also has the advantage that it can be booted from a USB, which makes it a portable OS.

9. Good! Linux is great, but how do I dual boot with Windows?

Already established Linux distributions allow you to keep Windows intact on your computer, installing Linux on another partition, and giving you the ability to choose your operating system every time you open your computer.

10. Help! Where to ask for help?

Google is always the "Swiss Army knife" in solving problems. Then there are forums with thousands of users who are there to help you. Linux has a fairly large user base that helps each other form what is called the "Linux Community." You can also receive technical support directly from Linux distributions, such as Fedora, Ubuntu, Opensuse.

Fedora, Ubuntu, Opensuse.


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