Cadillac has released a new teaser clip of the upcoming Cadillac Celestiq concept, which heralds a future luxury model from the brand. The Cadillac Celestiq, an electric luxury car concept, was first announced in 2020. With this concept, the American luxury car maker is preparing to enter the electric age. An eventual production model based on the luxury concept will rival Mercedes-Benz EQS and BMW i7.

Since the announcement, Cadillac has initiated a long campaign to promote the upcoming concept, with several suggestive images and clips that have revealed more aesthetic details about the car. Now, that campaign is about to end as the new electric concept was unveiled.

Until then, the American manufacturer offers us one last teaser clip with the Cadillac Celestiq and a series of suggestive new images of the concept's interior. Here we can notice large screens located in the front seats' headrests and two separate screens in the central console. The digital board could not be missing, which suggests that the charging time of the battery from 80 to 100% takes 10 minutes.

Cadillac also gives us a clearer picture of the rear of the new Celestiq, which suggests that the new concept will be a 4-door fastback. We also note the unusual positions of the LED taillights on the rear sides, the illuminated Cadillac logo, and a diffuser under the rear bumper. Instead of a front grille, we have a solid illuminated section alongside LED headlights placed vertically.

The new Cadillac Celestiq concept car is based on the Ultium platform, developed by General Motors. The same platform is also found in electric models, such as the GMC Hummer EV. The upcoming production model based on this concept will be hand-built at GM's Warren Technology Center. Production will be limited as Cadillac will build less than 500 of this model.


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