Spring is almost around the corner, and the first rays of sunlight are warming the tarmac - it is time for all bikers to dust off their bikes and reclaim their sense of freedom on the year's first journey. On the other hand, a brief equipment check should not be overlooked at the start of the season. In this vein, we would like to highlight a few Garmin must-haves for motorcycle fans below that ensure an entertaining and safe ride on and off-road. If you are interested in getting a feel for the items, we would be pleased to loan them to you for a product test.

Garmin's zūmo XT motorcycle GPS navigator is the ideal companion for all two-wheel enthusiasts, whether traversing mountain passes, twisty highways, or brief off-road sections. With pre-installed road maps covering all of Europe, including map updates, the asphalt adventure may begin at any moment. Numerous route options assure route variation and enable you to pick the most winding, picturesque, or thrilling route based on your mood. Topographic maps and worldwide BirdsEye satellite data are used to provide exact courses. Additional driver aid and safety features include:

  • Bluetooth hands-free calling.
  • Warnings of steep corners.
  • Level crossings.
  • Speed restrictions.
  • Immediate accident notification following a recognized emergency occurrence.

The GPS navigation device's ultra-bright 5.5-inch HD touch display is easy to view in direct sunlight and easy to operate with gloves. In addition, the zūmo XT's rugged, waterproof casing enables it to resist even the most extreme weather conditions and steepest slopes.

Tread is a new motorbike and off-road sat nav for this season, joining the zūmo XT. The Tread Offroad directs fans securely to their destination, even off-road and on unpaved routes, thanks to the newest Garmin turn-by-turn trail navigation with acoustic turn-by-turn guidance. The Tread's ultra-bright 5.5-inch HD display calculates the optimal route depending on the specified vehicle characteristics. Along with motorcycles, compact off-road vehicles, side-by-side vehicles, automobiles, and snowmobiles are available. There are no restrictions on route planning with preloaded intercontinental road and landscape maps for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Adventurers may also use Garmin Express to get maps for North and South America, Australia, and New Zealand. In addition, BirdsEye satellite photos from worldwide may be downloaded and utilized immediately on the navigation system through WLAN. With the new Garmin Tread app, routes, waypoints, and tracks can be designed at any time and from any location. The same map data, route preferences, and vehicle characteristics on the navigation system are available.

Additionally, the app enhances Tread's capabilities by providing intelligent notifications, real-time information on traffic delays, weather, fuel costs, and the Group Ride Mobile feature. This enables several drivers to form a group using the smartphone app, with the other drivers' positions displayed immediately on the navigation system display. Along with the traditional handlebar mount, the package includes a tube mount on vehicles equipped with a protective cage.

Chasing across steep terrain at breakneck speed is an indescribable sensation. However, like with nearly every off-road experience, anything may happen here. Therefore, it is critical to have constant communication with other individuals. This is where Garmin's new portable gadget inReach Mini 2 comes in handy. Due to Iridium's global satellite coverage, adventure seekers may maintain two-way contact with other riders regardless of the cellular network. In addition, an SOS button may be utilized in an emergency circumstance to swiftly and conveniently call the Garmin International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC), a 24-hour international rescue center. The IERCC maintains touch with the sender during the rescue operation via bidirectional communication. Additionally, text messages may be sent to and received from saved contacts, and with MapShare, you can share your current position in real-time. With a battery life of up to 14 days when tracking every ten minutes, the inReach Mini 2 is well-suited for extended journeys and is an excellent addition to any emergency pack.

Additionally, you may discover intriguing essays about organizing a motorbike vacation on the Garmin online magazine #BeatYesterday.org. Maia and Lennart discuss their motorcycle experiences in Africa and offer valuable recommendations on what not to miss on such a journey.


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