A new feature for drones that we haven’t even thought about before. In China, 600 drones were flown to showcase Van Gogh's brilliant works.

Many of us use the drone while travelling, hiking, to look at the landscapes we are currently walking from a bird’s eye view. A professional camera drone is now standard on a travel blogger, but we never would have thought what a well-coordinated drone flying formation could look like.

The EFYI Group and Tianjin University realized the drone show commemorating Van Gogh. The animation was also a record attempt, never before had so many drones been matched to the power of a light show. The Agian Bee II drones recreated Van Gogh's artwork in the night sky.

The complete oeuvre of Van Gogh is also an important milestone in modern art because he saw, interpreted, and depicted nature completely different than anyone before. His famous sunflower paintings, the Starry Sky, the Mulberry in the fall, or the bedroom in Arles have now come to life by flying drones. During the recording of the experiment, the idea makers also tried to convey the message that Van Gogh’s works and techniques of the 1800s are still current, aesthetic,

Why could this show be an animated record? To compete as an animation at Guinness World Records, 12 images per second had to be displayed with the colourfully lit drones - the whole drone show was 26 minutes, 19 seconds anyway.



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