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Now with all this research that I have done about life-after-death and in particular the near-death-experience (NDE) combined with my own scientific/mathematical training and my life-long desire to write novels is it any wonder that when I retired a few years ago that I would start writing some books?
The idea for ‘Raised as an Angel’ came about because I wanted to write a story which put the NDE on a firm scientific footing. In the story the scientists (or ‘Guardians’ as I call them) who live on the advanced and near perfect world of ‘Tranador’ routinely monitor people’s births, lives and deaths as they occur on more primitive worlds such as our Earth and at the end of their material lives these ‘Guardians’ bring the soul or essence of the person back home to ‘Tranador’ via what I call the ‘Tunnel of Life’.

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