I will share my opinion and experience on how it is with blogs and the blogosphere. I was only the 9,999th to make a blog. In the blogosphere, one is smarter than all others and there are more and more people who criticize those who give their opinion.

1. Do not try to look smart. That's if you're smart, hide your intelligence; because people will tell you that you are stupid.

2. Don't open your soul. You will be considered weak.

3. Don't show your weaknesses.

4. Do not ask the opinion of others. You will be accused of being rude.

5. Don't try to be original. You will pay dearly for this. You will be told that you are trying at all costs to draw attention to yourself. Keep up the trend.

6. Don't try to please everyone. You will not be able to. Don't worry when critics show up because they will definitely show up.

7. Don't write anything anymore. The blogosphere can survive without you. There is no point in exposing yourself to criticism, reprimands, attacks, bad jokes, you will lose precious time in which you could do many other things.


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