My BMW app connects the driver and the car, no matter where you are. It can display the status of the car and activate functions remotely. It is easy to plan your trip from home by selecting destinations via the integrated search function. 

The latest generation of the app is now available in 30 European countries. The app can send notifications of available Remote Software Upgrades which can be easily downloaded and installed.

With the BMW Digital Key via the My BMW app, a BMW car can be operated without a physical car key, and up to five other people can be granted access via the app. The My BMW app offers new features for BMW's electrified cars.

Once your BMW ID is connected, personal preferences for the current car can be set automatically. The My BMW app provides direct access to BMW's services. Use the app for direct contact with the authorized BMW car workshops, book an appointment at the car workshop or contact BMW support if there are any problems with the car.

The My BMW app can be downloaded for free via the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.


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