The trend of organic products and the health benefits they have made them more and more present not only on supermarket shelves but also in our homes. But like any product you are looking for, there are many myths about organic products, and one of them refers to the fact that they differ from organic ones. For children, in particular, organic foods are a boon, as they are much more sensitive to the aggression of toxic pesticide products.

1. They are grown without chemicals.

Fertilizers are also natural, resulting from products that in turn have lived and developed without chemicals or other synthetic preparations. Organic animal husbandry grows in open spaces, is fed organic food, without antibiotics or synthetic drugs.

2. Organic fruits and vegetables, richer in nutrients.

The European Institute of Agriculture has confirmed, following studies that lasted five years, that vegetables, fruits and cereals from organic crops are 15% richer in nutrients than those produced industrially, and the taste is much better. Organic products are constantly checked, which is an additional guarantee of quality. In organic farming, there are 25 more filters and controls than in normal production. Also, because they do not contain pesticides, organic foods have a shorter warranty period than "chemical" ones.

3. Organic crops have created a new lifestyle, in which the main argument is respect for nature.

Applying a new lifestyle, we also take care of our health, which implicitly after an extension of life. Organic agriculture reduces intermediaries, gives value to agricultural work, gives value to the consumer and offers a middle ground between respect for nature and the need for human food.

4. Organic foods have a double content of antioxidants compared to industrial ones.

Pesticides and synthetic fertilizers use more than half of the biological reserve of antioxidants to neutralize the substances they absorb from the soil. Therefore, organic farming is richer in antioxidants than classical crops.

5. The main rule.

Organic fruits and vegetables can only be harvested at maturity. They cannot be harvested rawly and artificially baked during transport, because they cannot be subjected to chemical or ozone treatments that make them resistant to transport.

Although it may seem simple, it is quite difficult to recognize really environmentally friendly products. With the emergence of this new food trend, a multitude of stores have emerged that sell food and personal care or household products that are not actually organic, as presented but use these names only as marketing strategies.

Great, great attention to organic products!

So, if you want to adopt this style of eating and include organic products in your diet, you need to know exactly where you can buy organic food.


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