The market offers several types of web hosting, at different rates and with different possibilities. It is important to be able to properly assess the needs of your web project in order to make the right choice. A well-known option is to rent a dedicated web server, but do you really need such a service and does it suit your needs?

What is a dedicated web server?

It is a service offered by web hosting companies, which involves giving a physical machine for individual use. This is the right choice for web projects that cannot be placed on the same server with other sites, or that need more resources to operate. On a dedicated server, the user can install any desired operating system and set it according to their needs.

The main reasons for buying a dedicated web server:

- supports a large amount of traffic and provides good productivity;
- it is necessary when the site needs a different configuration than the standard one;
-  higher security requirements.

A dedicated server is usually located in a data centre. The customer is provided with all the possibilities of working with a physical machine, including access to software and hardware. The user can choose the necessary operating system, change the configurations and perform technical work, without disturbing other neighbouring sites, as would happen in a virtual hosting environment.

Another important plus is the non-stop access to the webserver, in uninterrupted mode.

What kind of tasks do you run on a dedicated server?

Dedicated servers are a good option for large online stores, news portals or forums with a large number of visitors. For such platforms, the server will guarantee good stability and optimal operating speed.

Also, dedicated web servers are used to organize emails. Such a practice is found in large companies.

What is the rental price of a dedicated web server?

The biggest downside to renting a dedicated server is the high price. But, we must mention that, given the number of possibilities offered by it, it is also normal to pay a higher amount than for a VPS hosting or a classic shared hosting. Dedicated servers can be found at the most different prices.

For example, at Contabo you will have to pay a minimum of €129.99 for an Intel Xeon E5 2630v4 with 256 GB REG ECC RAM. You can find the cheapest dedicated server at Hetzner with only € 32, you have an Intel Core i7-920 and 8 GB but it's more limited.

The market offers us many web hosting options, we just have to choose the ones that suit us and correspond to our needs. Obviously a big investment, the dedicated server is a guarantor of stability and adaptability for your project, an investment worth all the money.


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