Ford and Google announced a unique strategic partnership that will take Ford's cars to a new level. Ford also named Google Cloud as its preferred cloud provider. This will allow Ford to take full advantage of Google's in data processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

As part of the 6-year partnership agreement, millions of new Ford and Lincoln vehicles will come with the Android operating system with Google's apps and services from 2023.

Ford continues the biggest change process in our history, with both electrification and self-driving cars.

As a preferred cloud provider, Google Cloud opens up a whole host of new opportunities. Google will assist Ford in accelerating the speed of digitization, modernizing operations and delivering connected vehicle technologies with its secure and reliable cloud solution.

With Google Cloud, Ford plans to enhance customer experience with technology and personalized services. This includes taking a closer look at how the use of Google Vision AI (artificial intelligence) can be used for employee training and even more reliable factory equipment. Ford and Google also have a common vision to deliver reliable, safe and more efficient connected vehicle experiences.

With Google Assistant, the driver can keep his eyes on the road and his hands on the steering wheel. You control the car's systems with your voice. With Google Maps as the basic navigation system, the driver can get there faster with real-time information about traffic, lane selection. With Google Play, the driver gets access to all their favourite apps.

With Android operating system in the cars, Ford has the opportunity to constantly develop new apps to give car owners an even better and more personal experience.


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