Ford took another step towards a fully electric future for passenger cars. Ford invested around $ 3 billion at the Valencia plant since 2011, and last week Ford showed its plan to continue investing in Europe and at this plant.

Towards the end of 2022, the engine factory in Valencia will produce the new 2.5-litre Duratec hybrid engine for Europe. This is the engine that is available in Kuga rechargeable hybrid and Kuga full hybrid.

The 2.5-litre Atkinson-cycle hybrid engine is the first of its kind to be produced by Ford in Europe. It shows how important rechargeable hybrids and hybrids are for Ford's current and future product portfolio in Europe. The 2.5-litre Duratec hybrid engine is currently manufactured at Ford's engine factory in Mexico.

Ford also confirmed that they will invest an additional 5.2 million euros for an increased production capacity of battery packs at the plant in Valencia. This is in addition to an investment of 24 million euros announced in January 2020.

Earlier this year, Ford announced that it would invest $ 22 billion globally in electrification. This was almost twice as much as the company's previous investment plan for electric vehicles. They are also investing 1 billion dollars to modernize the factory in Cologne, Germany.

By mid-2026, 100% of Ford's passenger car models in Europe will be offered as fully electric cars or rechargeable hybrid cars. By 2030, Ford expects all its passenger cars it will sell in Europe to be fully electric.

Ford will continue to develop and renew its passenger car portfolio in Europe and strengthen its position with models such as the Kuga, Puma and Explorer. The company has also introduced Mustang Mach-E all-electric SUV in Europe and it will include the Mustang Mach-E GT by the end of 2021. @



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Sun, 04/09/2023 - 23:30

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