To develop battery cell technology and produce even better batteries in the future, Ford is now gathering all its technical expertise in this field in a global battery research centre called Ford Ion Park.

Ford is already in full motion to increase the production of electric cars around the world. By spending further on the development and research of batterie, Ford can supply more and better electric cars at a more economical price.

Ford Ion Park research centre will not only bring together all the expertise in battery technology, analysis, planning, procurement, production, quality and financing, but with the establishment of the centre it is also expected that the development and production of battery cells and batteries will take place even more well-organized and competent than today. The car battery research centre will be built next year in southeastern Michigan and is estimated to cost approximately 904 million euros. The crew is already behind the work, which will contribute to the new centre becoming specialists in the development, testing and production of battery cells.

The team behind the new Ford Ion Park battery centre will also work closely with all other Ford organisations - such as the experts in Ford's new Battery Benchmarking and Test Laboratory, Ford Customer Service Division and several other talented subcontractors and associates.

At the new Battery Benchmarking and Test Laboratory in Allen Park, Michigan, experts can quickly test and identify battery cells for the electric cars of the future. The centre has already tested more than 150 types of battery cells. Here they can also recreate batteries on a full scale and examine how the batteries operate under drastic weather conditions.

In North America, the Ford Mustang Mach-E electric SUV has been a huge sales success, and the same is expected with the Ford Transit full electric van coming on the market later this year. 

Earlier this year, Ford announced that it would invest billions in electrification. That was approximately twice as much as the company's previous investment plan for electric cars. Ford has been active in battery research and electric cars since the age of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. Today, the Ford company has acquired more than 2,500 US patents in electrification technology.


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