With a continual focus on sustainable solutions, DB Schenker remains at the forefront of the green transportation change on land. DB Schenker, Trailer Dynamics, and Krone Commercial Vehicle Group all agreed to work together to promote the use of eTrailers in European land transportation. The signing of this agreement is a significant development toward the eventual electrification of land transportation systems. Now, environmentally sustainable transportation over greater distances is possible. Even though ecologically friendly distribution solutions are being implemented rapidly in cities and towns today, these eTrailers represent a significant step forward in ensuring sustainable transport from point A to point B.

In the long run, eTrailers will be a standard part of our commercial vehicle fleet, giving us an edge as we switch to a zero-emissions vehicle fleet. We have taken a significant step toward our goal of leaving no trace on the environment.

Electric trailers help minimizes harmful vehicle emissions and contributes to a greener transportation system.

Trailer Dynamics' electric trailers can assist the towing vehicle driver thanks to their electric drive. A proprietary sensor system in a custom-made component can analyze the interaction between the tow vehicle and the trailer. Thanks to the electric motor, kinetic energy can be recaptured during deceleration.

Independently operating from the towing vehicle, the eTrailer's drive control technology eliminates the need for communication. The trailers are also compatible with all significant tractor-trailer brands. Trailers powered by diesel, gas, electricity, or hydrogen are all compatible with eTrailers.

Batteries of 300 kWh, 450 kWh, or 600 kWh capacity can be installed in the trailers. Depending on the environment, this can drastically cut the fuel consumption of traditional diesel tractors and increase the range of electric tractors by up to 500 kilometers. As a result, we can cut our CO2 output by 20–40 percent.

The first of DB Schenker's planned 2,000 electric trailers will enter service across Europe in 2024.


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