Demi Lovato often talks about the pressure imposed by social media and recently decided to address the harmful effects of Instagram filters.

Demi Lovato created a post using one of the app's beauty filters and drew attention to the unrealistic beauty expectations they promote. In the video clip, the singer poses and smiles, but the included text draws attention to the false details created with the help of the beauty filter.

The American singer wrote: "these aren't my real eyes," "my skin is not this smooth," "wait do I need a smaller nose?!," and "but can I always look like this?"

The Instagram filters used thinned her nose, raised her cheekbones, smoothed her skin to create perfect skin and enlarged her lips. It is one of the thousands of filters that do the same thing: it distorts the face to make you look like the current standards of beauty, imposed by society and especially by social networks.

When the first filters appeared they included options to add emojis or to turn you into a dog, cat or other renderings. But now, beauty filters have been created to make you look like an improved of yourself.

Such filters make us look more tanned, more delicate, with certain more pronounced features and at the same time blurring skin imperfections.

The American singer is not the first celebrity to denounce the harmful effects of Instagram filters to create a false and unrealistic image of beauty. A British influencer, Sasha Louise Pallari, launched an Instagram campaign that encourages women to post real, untouched images with filters, to demonstrate what natural beauty actually looks like. She launched the #FilterDrop viral campaign, and the result was beyond expectations, managing to change the law in the UK.


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