Fashion is an incredibly capricious lady, and many things purchased by the fair sex lose their relevance in a year or two. However, there are also such wardrobe items that continue to remain in demand and appropriate even after several decades! And, by the way, the vast majority of things from the list below can be easily found in almost every closet! What are these things that more than one generation of people will easily survive?

The Pencil Skirt

Incredibly elegant and rather strict, but at the same time very sexy, these skirts will always be in fashion! A pencil skirt visually slims and always looks great, so you can safely purchase such skirts without worrying that in a couple of years they will turn out to be inappropriate and unfashionable.

Sheath dress

Such dresses are equally well suited for business meetings, and for friendly gatherings, and for romantic dates, and even for going to theatres or concerts! Sheath dress always looks very feminine and fits perfectly on almost any figure! By the way, if you look closely at Hollywood stars, you will notice that a sheath dress is exactly the thing that they wear most often.

Long skirts

And this is, perhaps, one of the most romantic items of women's wardrobe. Such skirts give their owners a special romance and elegance, and, of course, beautiful ladies will never give them up!


Yves Saint Laurent once said that he regrets only one thing in this life - that jeans were not invented by him! And to some extent, he was right, because jeans are the very "eternal" wardrobe item that would help him to immortalize his name forever! How many centuries have passed, and they are all worn and worn! It's not for nothing that jeans have long ago gained fame as the most versatile wardrobe item!

Black pants

Straight classic black trousers with a slightly high waist will come in handy for everyone, anytime, anywhere! By the way, it may well be trousers with arrows - arrows in the fashion world have always been, are and will be in great respect!

Black leather jacket

From immemorial times, black has been considered synonymous with elegance, aristocracy and sophistication. And the brightest representatives in this area are invariably black leather jackets! They suit absolutely everything and at the same time give completeness and elegance to any image!

White blouse or shirt

White blouses and shirts always look great, visibly refresh the image, and they can be complemented with absolutely any details and accessories!

The perfect cardigan

One of the most relevant wardrobe items for almost any woman, which will look equally appropriate in combination with a blouse and a strict skirt, and in combination with a T-shirt and jeans! A cardigan is a great helper not only to warm up quickly but also to create stylish and unique looks!

The Coat

Coats in any colours and shades will always be in fashion! Having appeared in Holland in the distant sixteenth century, coats do not give up their positions to this day. And now they are also considered one of the most stylish wardrobe items, not only for women but also for men.


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