People really don't differentiate between a pair of winter boots and a pair of snow boots. However, there is a difference. The reason for this is that snow boots and winter boots generally have different functions that each one does best.

Both snow boots and winter boots are designed to keep your feet warm in cold weather. Whether the boots actually do this or not depends on the type of material the shoe is made of.

A pair of snow boots are designed to be used on snow, as the name suggests. However, snow boots are also designed to be used in humid conditions. And wet, we're not talking about a few puddles or an inch of snow. We are talking about deep piles of dirty, wet snow, which can then melt quickly.

Leather snow boots excel in these conditions due to their unique design. A good pair of snow boots generally have a rubber sole, which provides 100% waterproof protection without the need for coatings or special treatments. In addition, the rubber sole makes cleaning the subsequent boot much easier, it is enough to wash the shoes with a special solution or simply with water, and then apply the special solution, and the boots are like new.


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