When a man from Finland refused to pay 20,000 euros for a new Tesla Model S battery, he chose to blow it up. Then, to express his displeasure, he planned to blow up the electric car.

That's why he approached a YouTube-famous team of engineers - Pommijatkat. As a result, the Tesla Model S electric car was blown up by experts using 20 kg of explosives. It was not an easy assignment to control the explosion. Dynamite sticks were installed on one side of the automobile to guide the blast and guarantee that the shards struck a rock wall behind the car. Then, a fuse circuit was constructed.

Before that, they put a mannequin in the car and plastered a portrait of Elon Musk on the front.

The video is here: https://youtu.be/7_9aVzf5fC4.

From Tesla history, 2020: Tesla applied an "Apple": it reduced the maximum voltage capacity of some Model S through a software update released in 2019. The owners sued that same year for the inconvenience that this caused them and this week the ruling was in their favor, for which each one of them will receive compensation from the company. In all, 1,743 homeowners were affected. The update launched in 2019, temporarily, limited the voltage with a reduction of 10% that lasted approximately three months. It was not until March 2020 that the situation was resolved.


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