It is not yet known when the new iPhone 13 will be launched, but I suspect that 90% of us will see it this September. In the last decade, Apple has followed a well-established pattern, launching a new generation of iPhones in September each year, but because of the global chip crisis, there is a risk that the event will be delayed a little bit.

In short, the iPhone 13 will be very similar to its predecessor, the iPhone 12. From what information has been leaked so far on the Internet it seems that the most notable changes will be the protuberance of the main camera which will be slightly smaller, the notch of the front camera which will also be reduced, and the possibility to order the phone in matte black ( probably only for iPhone 13 Max ).

iPhone 13 Display

iPhone's display will likely be OLED LTPO with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, to fit himself among the world's best. Some rumours claim that the MAX and PRO versions will be delivered with a display that has a variable refresh rate, reaching a maximum of 240 Hz, but I find it hard to believe this because simply that screen would be very energy-consuming and the price of the smartphone would be very high.

As screen suppliers, most will be manufactured by Samsung. I am sure that for the first time we will see the "Always On Display" function on an iPhone thanks to the OLED technology of the screens, which optimizes the maximum energy consumption.

iPhone 13 Processor and memory

For the new range of smartphones, Apple will unquestionably use its latest processor, the A15, manufactured by TSMC. Not much is known about the A15, which is an A14 on steroids, as they both share the same 5nm manufacturing process. Okay, the A15 will certainly be more efficient, but this will be due to its new internal architecture because in size it will be similar to its predecessor.

The new iPhone 13 will have an internal memory of 512 GB or 1 TB, most likely varying depending on the model. I see the iPhone 13 MAX and iPhone 13 PRO models likely to be sold with 1 TB of internal memory, while the mini and normal models are sold with 512 GB of memory. Again, the memory card is missing, but this is Apple's trend.

iPhone 13 Connectivity

iPhone 13 will come with 5G and WiFi 6E. Unfortunately, to maintain a reasonable price for the phone, most likely 5G support will not be perfect. Because many countries have not yet implemented the new standard, most likely everyone will be punished by Apple who will deliver the new iPhone with a 5G Single Band connection that will only suit the sub-6 GHz standard.

As I said above, the smartphone will come with a WiFi adapter with 6E support manufactured by Qualcomm. The 6E WiFi adapters offer extended support in the 6 GHz band (compared to 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz respectively in the current standard), thus ensuring significantly higher transfer speeds with minimal latencies.

If you expect to see a USB-C port on the new iPhone instead of the Lightning, I'll give you the bad news: you still have to wait. In the end, it makes sense, because Lightning is developed by Apple, which makes money from every data cable (and not only) that has this plug, and money is money.

iPhone 13 Battery

iPhone 13 will come with a slightly larger battery than iPhone 12 both in terms of size and capacity but do not expect spectacular autonomy.

iPhone 13 Camera

The rumours speak of an ultra-wide camera with a LIDAR sensor, capable of capturing much better photos in low light conditions. And the optical stabilization should be a little better than the iPhone 12.

Most likely, the iPhone 13 MAX will benefit from a camera with an ultra-wide sensor and an f1.5 aperture, while the other 3 models will benefit from a wide camera with an f1.6 aperture.

What do I expect from the iPhone in the future?

First: the standard USB-C connector. I know money is money, but it seems easier to find a USB-C cable everywhere. I said it above, money is money and fans are fans, but in 2021 it would be the case that Apple is no longer against simplicity. Second: a Micro-SD card would be excellent. Third: a dual-sim version will be better for everyone.


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